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Trademark unison vocals, poetic lyricism, and effortlessly nuanced musicianship: these are the defining assets of the Bishop Boys, a young musical duo who are studiously redefining the singer-songwriter genre.


As players who cut their teeth on jazz from a young age, the musical range of Austin Di Pietro and Andrew Adoranti is staggering - easily eclipsing entire eras of music history, from pop standards to R&B, from indie and folk to funk and soul. Beyond their shared musical sensibility is an authentic camaraderie born out of late-night jam sessions and a special creative synergy: two-likeminded friends who met in high school and connected instantly. After five years of developing their sound behind closed doors, The Bishop Boys emerged as a full-fledged 11-piece band fronted by the duo, immediately selling out venues and showcasing at festivals across the Windsor-Essex region. 


With their debut 2018 single “Might Be Alright” and their 2020 Pelee Island EP, the Bishop Boys are building a catalogue of Canadian folk-rock that effortlessly evokes the good feelings of carefree summer nights, sing-alongs that last until dawn, and the complex euphoria of young love. Like their lyrics, their distinctive sound exudes a feeling of warmth, reminiscent of groups like Chicago and The Band, that makes these thoughtful songs easy to vibe with. 

While the COVID-19 pandemic may have put a halt to the group's live performances, it has certainly not impacted their creative output -- the duo released two singles in August 2020 and February 2021 respectively. Their last single, "Dark Days," garnered a significant amount of attention from local and international media outlets and music blogs because of its pandemic-inspired lyrics and music video, and even earned them a spot in the top 100 for CBC Music's Toyota Searchlight 2021 Contest - a huge accomplishment considering the more than 2,400 contestants from all across Canada.


Di Pietro and Adoranti, as University-trained players, are sought-after session musicians and regular fixtures in the Windsor music community, appearing often as band members of numerous projects and theatrical productions, but are perhaps best known as core players of Windsor jazz ensemble, the Coffee House Combo, who, prior to the pandemic, held the longest-running residency at the nationally acclaimed music venue Phog Lounge. 

Their debut full-length album, Old Friends, Brief Ends, was released on June 3rd, 2022.

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