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Windsor, Ontario's emerging singer-songwriter Dane Roberts imbues his writing with a sensibility beyond his years. His atmospheric, harmonious sound is laced with thought-provoking ideas, finding sense in an overly complex reality. Nothing if not multi-faceted, beyond the indie/alternative writer is a promising young producer, drawing on a lifetime of musicianship and diverse influences – among them Jeff Buckley, Gord Downie, and landscape artist Tom Thompson – to craft beautiful soundscapes.


Dane has amassed nearly a decade of industry experience, making regular rotation on commercial radio in Windsor in his earlier career as a member of the rock group SieraSlave, and performing at venues and festivals between Ontario and the United States. He embarked on his solo career with his debut album Chasing Water in 2020, and released his second LP, Strangers, in 2022.


Photography by Travis Latam

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