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01. Baby I Want A Change

02. Baby I Want A Change (Instrumental)


Written, recorded, mixed and mastered by Michael Hargreaves


© Soul Brother Mike 2020





Baby, I never wanna let you down

I wish that I could save, the world before it drowns

But nothing is the same, yeah baby we let it go

And now it’s all insane, but I just can’t let it go

Relax, man I just can’t relax, when I’m in so much pain

Baby can you take it away?


Sorry, but I can’t take this all right now

Maybe with some wages, I wonder why it takes so long?

Now I’m not afraid, I’ve been shedding all my tears

I swear the day has come, and I’m-a leave it all right here


Blame it on the ones who drop the mic and walk away

And give us no hope, give us no change

Oh baby I want a change, yeah yeah

Baby I want a change

So desperately,

Baby I want a change, yeah yeah

Oh baby I want a change"

Baby I Want A Change - Soul Brother Mike