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1. Ain't That Lovin' You

2. Blessing In Disguise

3. I Love Your Lovin' Ways

4. Every Pharaoh Needs A Queen

5. I Got To Love Somebody's Baby

6. So Beautiful

7. Just The One

8. There's Nothing I Can Do About It

9. Hypnotized

10. You're All I Need To Get By

11. Back Together


Released September 16, 2019.


Michael Hargreaves (Guitar/Piano/Vocals)

Taylor Unis (Drums)

Vanessa Harnish (Percussion)

Keith Wilkinson (Bass Guitar/Vocals)

Ty Sharron (Lead Electric Guitar except track 6)

Austin Di Pietro (Trumpet)

Kelly Hoppe (Tenor Sax)

Sebastian Bachmeier (Alto Sax)

Crissi Cochrane (Flute/Vocals)

Madeline Doornaert (Vocals)

Aubrey Therrien (Vocals)

Andrew Adoranti (Piano tracks 3 & 8)

Chris Borshuk (Piano track 5)

Produced/Mixed/Mastered by Michael Hargreaves

Recorded in Windsor, Ontario

2019 © Soul City Music Co-Op

On The Shoulders Of... Vol.1 - The Family Soul