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1. Move On It

2. Learn To Vibe

3. No Word Of A Lie

4. Only In Love

5. No Love Tomorrow

6. Nomads

7. What's The Deal

8. Peace And Power

9. Sticky Love


Music and lyrics by Soul Brother Mike.

Produced by Soul Brother Mike.

Kelly Hoppe on saxophone and trumpet (Track 4, 7 and 9).

Crissi Cochrane on flute (Track 7 and 9).

Special thanks goes to crowd-sourced vocalists on "Peace And Power".

Recorded in Windsor, Ontario.

Released May 5, 2017.


Copyright © 2017 SOUL BROTHER MIKE.

Unauthorized reproduction and copying of this recording in any form

may be prohibited by law. All rights reserved. Made in Canada. MAPL.

Learn To Vibe - Soul Brother Mike