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An eclectic mix of warm organ tones, dreamy electric guitar tones, rich harmonies, and an instrumentation similar to that of 70s classic rock bands Chicago and the Band, Old Friends, Brief Ends is analog resurgence with modern sensibility. The eleven-song album is the duo’s debut full-length album and their most ambitious work yet. Driving and upbeat indie rock anthems that evoke the warm feelings of laid-back summer nights are balanced with melancholic acoustic singer-songwriter pieces that muse on the unrequited love and the sobering inevitability of growing up. In all, the entire work is laden with sun-drenched nostalgia that emulates the ups and downs of life.


Includes a beautiful edition of Old Friends, Brief Ends on CD.



0. Intro [0:27]

1. Halfway There [3:53]

2. Song Without a Name [2:13]

3. Better Someday [4:10]

4. Dark Days [3:33]

5. Rusty Bridges [3:40]

6. Stone Man [4:11]

7. Guelph Riff [3:58]

8. In the Wrong Head [3:14]

9. Brief Ends [4:04]

10. Now I’m Up [3:40]

11. Mother Mary [3:50]


Released June 3, 2022

(CD) Bishop Boys - Old Friends, Brief Ends

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