A new beginning...

Updated: May 24

New photos, and starting a blog...

I'm very excited to be starting a new blog here on my website. I wanted to have my own space to share one-off podcasts, traditional blog posts, videos, etc. and I'm ready to take on the challenge of creating more content on my own terms. I'll be posting on social media about new blog posts, and you can always just check back here on the regular! A proper mailing list might come soon.

This first blog post is also to share some new photos by Travis Latam. He's a talented photographer from Leamington and he's photographed many of the co-op's artists recently. I haven't had professional photos taken in a long time, and so I felt like I was treating myself by working with someone like Travis. I hope to work with him again soon, and you'll find these new photos all across my website and social media in time. Thanks Travis!

I'll be using these photos to promote my new album "Headspace", but if you are already here, then you probably already know about it! It comes out July 9th, but it's available early, exclusively here on my website.

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